mardi 2 juillet 2013

L`Espirit Brocante..............

Just a petite giveaway.....simply tell me what you would like to see in my blog ( not that I have bloggers block or anything.....well okay.....I might have!!). I will send the latest edition of Maisons A Vivre brocante edition to the person best suggestion.

A demain mes belles

12 commentaires:

  1. I would love to see more pics of you and your chateau please?
    Jo xx

  2. It would be nice if you might share some of your favorite brocante bargaining tips with us. What's your favorite way to open the conversation with a dealer? I've wondered if it is any different than it is in the U.S. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I must say I so enjoyed your post about shopping with your daughter. I have three daughters and they too have inherited the vintage bug.

    Carol Casey

  3. Obviously Jo and Carol above are correct. More of you and your chateau, if possible with before/after photos for comparison so that we can see how you have imprinted your own style on it. Also, it would be nice to see more photos of the brocantes where you carry out your truffling, especially showing all the laden tables that you encounter.
    Personally, I love to see all the differing styles of architecture in the buildings around France, and the shabbier and more decrepit they are the better - we all like to look at a ruin and think ..."if only".
    Finally - you've kept us in suspenders for far too long now over the mysterious steps that you found at the back of the barn(?). Your readers need to know what, if anything, become of your excavations. (Rant over - going for a Cadbury moment now!)

    A bientot.

  4. Oh, how do you improve what to me, is already perfect? Non? Shirley, your writings make me laugh like no other. Keep telling us your life stories and I will always be here reading! Oh, and laughing. xo Rhonda

  5. oh easy all of the above lovely suggestion plus... the small moments in your days..the lovely open markets, buckets of flowers, the things that make you special, your lovely take on the world...your our very own French Journal..Editor in Chief of the 'Simply Chateau' local rag xxx
    You could always feature(occasionally) other French blogs too maybe you meet them at your fairs, or what about fab recipes you have made your own..or even features out of those fabulous French magazines, that we cannot get our hands on.......
    What about a small gite attached to the Chateau we could come and visit you and give you loads to write about....ooop's ha ha sorry I got carried away....
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  6. I agree with the other comments, would love to see your chateau. Also I would love to see the treasures you decide to keep for yourself, you sell such gems your home must be bursting with items we can only dream about. What about treasures you have brought back to life do you restore or repurpose items that you find?

  7. yes, yes all of the above but what I want to see are your horses..always deadly jealous of anyone with a horse at the bottom of the garden...all of your stories make me just keep doing what you do...xx

  8. Well i tell you what we would like to know here in hereford. We would like to know about all the french characters in your local village. The odd snap shot of the shop owners,a bit of a noisy in to what they all have for sale in their shops. Perhaps a sly snap shot over a few garden walls, see some of those nice french gardens.
    Love your writing look forward to your posts ever week. Shelly

  9. All of the above are wonderful ideas, especially more pics of laden tables at the brocante & the treasures you have kept in the chateau, regardless, I will continue to check back often to see what you & ms froufrou are getting into next!! Cathy

  10. More photos of the Chateau please and the treasures you have kept on your truffling tours. I'm liking Lynn's idea of a gite attached to the Chateau so we could all come and stay. You could do Brocantes tours or have a shop in one of your buildings..... Now I think I am getting carried away....
    Julie x

  11. How's about you tell us about that hole you started digging in the basement last year! That and all of the above :-) Boy were a noses lot!