lundi 8 juillet 2013

Let them eat chocolat!!!!

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Sometimes I think I get caught in my own little "bubble" of truffling and need a bit of a kick in the derriere!!

I am off to a huge brocante this week and we had a large barbeque to get ready here at the chateau yesterday so I decided I would not go to the brocante as usual in the morning. ( Yes...I can hear you shouting from here!!)

But 5am I was awake and couldn`t get back to sleep so it was out into the early morning sun and into the car!

I am SO glad we decided to go as we met a man who had taken a stand at a village brocante. He was not a dealer and was selling some of the advertising treasures he had collected and some delicieux treasures from his mother`s house.

These two oils on ivory are simply divine and still in their original frames too.

DO you think one is The Madonna in prayer ( she has a halo) and the other is The Madonna and child?

I also bought some of his wonderful advertising pieces. This gorgeous old chocolat box from LOMBART PARIS. The bonbons were a favourite at Versailles and were adored by Louis and Marie Antoinette who gave him the Royal seal of approval in 1768.

I also found the wonderful old vineyard stencil at the top of the page. I wonder how many barrels and crates it has stamped in its lifetime?

I promise to take my camera to the large 2000 stand brocante this week too!!

A la prochaine mes belles


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  1. Dreamy finds, Shirley. You are living the life! Do they make bumper stickers that state: I Brake for Brocantes ???