dimanche 21 juillet 2013


Thank you for all your wonderful messages for Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw. Today he is perky and wagging his tail although still walking very slowly. He is most definitely on the mend so a huge smile there.

Our village has been having some roadworks with various road blocks and signs. Today as we drove back to the chateau we could see another sign had sprung up. As we drew closer we could read the wording and both burst out laughing.

Excuse me? What`s going on there then!!

6 commentaires:

  1. So happy that Sir Digbert is feeling better. I love dogs more than anyone will ever know. Little furry people they are!

    That sign, how hilarious! I would have had to drive there to see!

  2. So happy that Diggers is feeling better, they are such a worry. You will have to have a drive out to see what that sign is all about! Hope your pulled muscles are better. I recently trapped a nerve in my upper back and I had a shooting pain all across my chest so I know how painful it is.
    Jo xx

  3. Hurrah for Sir Digbert....also just a note to say a grand merci for the lovely mag you posted to is challenging my reading ability in French but it is wonderful..xx

  4. Of course we followed the sign!!!! But we couldn`t see where it lead! Something very secret going on in the village!!!

  5. Go Diggers, go Diggers, go Diggers!

    Boy, those French are promiscuous!
    Di :-)

  6. Would that be Fanny by Gaslight? ha ha
    So pleased Sir Diggers looks sprightly, hows the back? hope you are both well on the mend xx.
    My magazine arrived today and very very lovely it is thank you so much Shirley xxx
    HUgs Lynn xxx