samedi 14 décembre 2013

A little evening wear......

At 10pm last night I took a photograph of the wonderful moon above the chateau.....

It was such a beautiful soft glow......

We had been out to the village Christmas fayre and had just got home. We put the TV on and settled down for a little late night tipple and a film ...then PING!! A power cut!

We fumbled around in the dark to find the candles and soon the chateau took on a much more romantic yet silent air!

Then of course as we are so remote, we got to thinking " Is it just us or is it everyone?". If it us just us we need to get the French telephone directory out and use our best French to report the problem. If it is the whole village we know that one of our neighbours will have saved us.

The temptation to find out was too much so with Mark in his bath robe with bare legs and shoes and me in my PJ`s and slippers  we made our way out into the cold to the car. Sir Digbert was first in of course for the adventure!

 Our own village was in darkness except for a few dull candle lights in windows. We drove to the next village of Appeville on our right to find it ablaze with light and the church Christmas tree aglow. Beuzeville La Bastille on our left had a blazing crèche and lots of houses lit up.

As we returned home we saw a van with a flashing top light and saw it was the electricity repair team that had arrived already. We returned home and waited but we remained without power until 10am this morning.

There is nothing like an outing in your pyjamas to liven up a quiet night. we know how to live it up here!!!

Bonne  weekend mes belles

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