lundi 16 décembre 2013

Dear Pere Noel.....

I am off to a HUGE brocante !!

  As it`s the last chance for many French dealers to sell before January there are usually some real bargains to be had. Some dealers have a bit of an "end of year" clear out and some real treasures "in the rough" can appear. My favourite kind of truffling!

Dear Pere Noel.......this is what I would like to find at the brocante:

Bronze ciel de lit bed canopies
Lots of pairs of silk chateau curtains with matching tassels

Crowns, crowns and more crowns.

Batches of faded florals preferably roses

A cherub chandelier with pale rose pink droppers

A couple of boudoir dolls

Rose bedecked hand worked quilts

Dowry linens with aristocratic crowns


Old vellum covered books preferably 18th century
Ex votos and reliquaries.

 Tiny silk shades with Marie Antoinette vignettes ( Like the ones I found at a brocante in Nimes and cannot get them out of my head 20 years later!!)

Mannequins with tiny waspie waists and bustle derrieres in old velvet with Paris embroidered on the front ( as if!!)

Period trims and passementeries in their original Paris store boxes.

Marie Antoinette silk slippers.

I have been a good girl all year ( with exception of the event where I pushed Miss Frou Frou into a really smelly and mouldy attic load of textiles to get me a tiny piece of faded floral that I could see sticking out and I told her it was character building)
A la prochaine mes belles wish me luck!!

2 commentaires:

  1. Ahh say's Pere Noel......but will you sell them?......
    ha ha
    Hugs Lynn xx