dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Dimanche is for indulgence......

The storm forecast for today never arrived. Instead we had a watery sunshine that captured the faceted pampille lustres on my wall sconces throwing delicieux twinkling stars around the walls.

I have spent the day slowly sorting through the first boxes from the old Paris house.........treasures large and small, all untouched for a hundred years or so.

Batches of fine sequinned tulles as light as a whisper. I always think of Lynn from Sea Angels when I see this as it reminds me of her amazing fairy creations!

Batches of lace from warm cream to deep old tea colour.........all fine and so tactile.

Hand worked wedding dress panels...

Old wedding couronnes of pink silk apple blossoms with the note "Couronne Mariee a maman".

A wedding veil still with its wax and silver wire tiara.

An amazing lavender silk petticoat morceau overlaid with an exquisite lace frill. I can see this reworked into a boudoir lampshade!

And these are just the first three boxes.
Charles le Baron du Breuil tried to get into the act but was quickly ejected much to his disgust!

A la prochaine mes belles

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  1. Isn't it funny, as soon as i saw those sequined morcels of voile on facebook i thought of Lynn at sea angels...i was lucky enough to receive one of her gorgeous angels this Christmas!!