mercredi 29 janvier 2014

Monsieur Chops.....

Introducing the adorable Monsieur Chops!!!

This wonderful boy was a resident at the local dog rescue centre and was very unhappy. He was adopted by one family but was sadly returned to the centre three days later as he didn`t fit in with his new family.

Our good friends Genevieve and Pierre saw him advertised by the centre and took him home.

Initially he was very insecure and hated to be left alone. I suppose he was just waiting to be returned to the dogs home. But he wasn`t going anywhere!!

Almost a year later he is totally settled with Genevieve and Pierre and knows he is finally "home".

He enjoys mornings walks romping for miles on the beach, afternoon strolls around the Normandie country lanes and a loving home where he is adored and he adores them in return.

Don`t you just love a happy ending?

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