dimanche 5 janvier 2014

My name is simply chateau..............

Stands up with head bowed........I have a confession.

 My name is simply-chateau and I have been gambling this morning.

I Went out to get croissants and nipped into the only café open which was a PMU horseracing bar.

It was the busiest place I have ever seen and is obviously the local den of vice. One hot strong coffee later I had made friends with a few old farmers and been dragged in to their clutches.

A 20 euros bet later I fell back out onto the street a little dishevelled, croissants squashed clutching a win of 14 euros.

 I am 6 euros down with squashed croissants with a few rustic old farmers as new betting pals.

I am also not slightly sorry!!

A demain mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. That's the slippery slope to gamblers anon!
    Happy New Year Shirley!

  2. What did they put in your coffee? ha ha

  3. How the other half lives ...!
    Happy New Year