lundi 6 janvier 2014

Oh Charlie Wilson......

The  marsh is flooded right up to the bottom of our garden now for the Winter and it is sooooo beautiful!!!

The swans are back and as I sit listing they sail past my window and it really is a beautiful sight .......except for Charlie Wilson.

There are 5 pairs of swans and Charlie is all alone. He trails behind the other pairs all alone and it is heart breaking.

He needs a mate but how is he going to meet a girl hanging about here in the reeds? Do I take him to a night club? Do I register him with  an online dating agency?

Perhaps he needs a makeover? A bath? Feathers trimmed?

Come on Charlie Wilson get out there and find a girl. You can bring her back here for dinner and I`ll serve it in the garden for you both by candlelight.

A demain mes belles

1 commentaire:

  1. Such a fine looking swan, what a shame .They mate for life so maybe he just hasn't found the right girl.
    Only you could have your own Swan Lake !!