jeudi 23 janvier 2014

Who are you Caroline Duboux?

At the early morning brocante I flashed my torch over this picture and thought it enchanting. I loved the timeworn frame and thought it was a sepia photograph.

Today I have finally got around to photographing it and discovered the label on the back that reads she is  CAROLINE DUBOUX wife of Charles Renaud.

I looked at the photograph under my eyeglass and realised it may be hand painted.

When we carefully opened up the frame we realised it is a hand painted miniature on translucent vellum.

 It has been very finely painted from the reverse.

What did surprise me was another layer of glass and below this was the artists original sketch which must have been taken at their first sitting.


Who are you Caroline Duboux?

I am listing it tonight and wouldn`t it be a wonderful project to track down her history or family tree?

A la prochaine mes belles

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