samedi 1 mars 2014

Brace yourself.....Tartelette en route.....

Brace yourself mes belles for Tartelette arrives from Oregon at the end of the week!

I have already locked the armoires and hidden the keys!!

To start with we will be Paris bound for the flea markets and then shall do a little "freelance truffling" and go where the mood takes us!

She likes the hidden old brocantes that I take her to. The ones that I have know for years and years where the prices are still in French francs and the dealers are as old as their stock!

I shall keep you informed of our travels since I have this new fangled phone that can capture Miss Tartelette in full truffling mode. Heaven help us all.

I can feel a little supper in Laduree coming on!

I am trying to make some kind of headway into the boxes piled in my studio. Every time I do an attic clearance I tend to pull the larger items out and ignore the small treasures which just sit in boxes looking at me accusingly every time I pass.

So I have opened up my Etsy shop again to try and reduce some of them and you will find the link top right. I am trying not to be distracted by what I find and I am trying to be disciplined and simply photograph and list each piece.....but oh! How I love attic items that have not been all around the trade!!

I am a little worried about Sir Digbert Fanshaw`s paw as he is limping this morning and I cannot see anything at all on it or in it. If it has not settled down in an hour or so it will be off to the vets. I worry about him so much as he is now getting quite old. As ever he is lying across my feet as I type.

Have a wonderful weekend mes belles.

A la prochaine......

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