samedi 15 mars 2014

Hidden treasures....

When Tartelette comes to stay I take her to some of my favourite haunts that I have truffled through for many many years.

Most are off the beaten track and give no indication as to the treasures that lie within and I always threaten that I will blindfold her so she will not remember where she has been!

This wonderful old house gives no indication that it is a brocante and it was passed to me by word of mouth. Even the doves on the roof are silent!!

 It has a whole lifetime of treasures inside with lots of it still having the old French Francs on the faded price tags. Every drawer and cupboard is filled to the brim and I never know where to start.

I could quite happily truffle through this place for hours and hours!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend mes belles and may your truffling be a triumph!

A la prochaines

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh my word, how amazing! I dream of walking into places like this....sigh

  2. Ohhhh I so could truffle for hours in there as well.Hope you came out with some fabulous loot.