mardi 11 mars 2014

Tartelette and Quasimodo...

The day before Tartelette arrived my right eye started with some kind an irritation. If you had looked at me you might have thought it was a nervous twitch...not surprising knowing that the chateau was again to be turned upside down by the whirlwind mademoiselle from Oregon!!

By the time we caught the train to Paris my eye was bright red and closed....not a good look, but I decided that one eyed truffling may give me a new perspective on things!

We found Tartelette waiting at Saint Lazare station and we set off for the metro to find our hotel.

At the Metro I walked into another traveller`s suitcase, left the ground and then sprawled like a starfish on the platform. It was almost a slow motion performance that Nureyev himself would have been proud of and I did wait for a moment just in case I should be presented with a bouquet but "non" it was not to be. I know that somewhere in that station bureau is a CCTV recording of my flight and I hope it will not be seen on some TV show soon!

Limping and with my leg instantly turning black from the knee to the ankle I tried to get on to the train looking like nothing had happened which was not made any easier by Mark and Tartelette is absolute hysterics!

At supper in Laduree that evening I was still being mocked by them both and had to console myself with macaroons and a rose flavoured confection! ( any excuse.....isn`t sugar good for shock?!!).

The next morning one eyed and dragging one leg like Quasimodo I joined them both and trawled the flea markets in the wonderful Spring sunshine.

( Don`t you just love a beret and a man bag?!!)

After Paris we briefly called back at the chateau to try and do some parcelling and to unload the car. I had been stuffed in the back of the car for the four hour drive home with a large spiked metal bottle rack which was like sitting with a vicious porcupine. I did try to overcome him at Rouen but he got the better of me so I gave in and nursed my wounds.

Following a quick re-grouping, a fight to keep Tartelette out of the armoires, unloading the treasures and collecting Miss Frou Frou we have hit the road again.

Who knows what further injuries I shall come home with. I may even develop the Quasimodo hump.

I shall keep you informed.....................the bells Esmerelda....the bells!!!

A la prochaine mes belles

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