vendredi 22 octobre 2010

The Baron du Breuil and the moon........................

Charles le Baron du Brueil has always come in at night and curls up on his favourite chair. He is safe, looks comfortable and I have no need to worry that he might be mistaken for a fox by a huntsman out at night on the marsh at the bottom of the garden.
Due to having only three legs he never seems to go far away from home and even  answers when you call him. But last night he didn`t come home. I went out into the garden at 12.30 and called - but there was no reply and he was nowhere to be seen. I stood in the cold night air and called and called but there was no sign of him. It was a strange silent night with a huge full moon and eventually I gave up and went to bed. I thought I heard him at 3am so went  downstairs and opened the door - but I was mistaken. I stood and shouted again but still no sign of the Baron. The moon was very bright and looked really big in the night sky; it was quite an eerie feel to be standing there in the absolute silence.
I had a very restless night wondering where he could be and then as the dawn broke over the marsh...

.............he came sauntering ( well hopping as only a 3 legged cat having been out on the tiles can!) up the drive without a care in the world.
What is it with cats and a full moon?

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