mercredi 20 octobre 2010

A riot at the flea......................

I have been looking forward to this coming weekend for so long. We are off to Paris for Mark`s school reunion lunch followed by a night in a swish hotel and then on Sunday morning ......THE FLEA MARKETS.........WHOOPPEEEEE!!!!

As the lunch is quite a formal affair I had planned my outfit to be as Paris chic as possible and have treated myself to a gorgeous new swish skirt and jacket. But of course I will be desperate to get into my flea market loafers ready for the off!

But as the week has progressed the news has been coming in of the riots in Paris with protestors blockading the streets venting their anger at the government`s intention to raise the retirement age in France to 62. But we are still going to go and I will take my camera so you can see the treasures at the flea and hopefully no riots!

Riots in Paris? Not on my new skirt they don`t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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