samedi 2 octobre 2010

Beauty spot etiquette...................

My good friend Tartelette of Charlottes`s Brocante sent me a cadeau of a pack of beauty spots and a chart explaining that the position of a beauty spot had a certain meaning. I thought it was just a joke card but then having remembered seeing portraits of Marie Antoinette sporting one I decided to look closer!

Women throughout history have used the beauty spot for seductive effects. In 18th century Venice a beauty spot near the eye meant "I am irresistable".After my recent visits to Venice and the romantic Cafe Florian where Casenova sought out his lady conquests, I am in no doubt he would have been an excellent reader of the meaning of such spots!!

Beauty Spots were at the height of popularity in the 18th century. Marie Antoinette and other well-to-do Regency ladies are forever associated with spots and wigs.The spots would be pencilled on or glued to the face. Black silk beauty spots also had a more practical use by concealing smallpox scars and disfigurements.

Apparently Marie Antoinette favoured black taffetta ones!

Where would you put your beauty spot ; or are you graced with a natural one?

3 commentaires:

  1. ooh, I have a "natural beauty spot" ( mole sounds horrible ) at the side of my mouth....reading your chart makes me a flirt!
    Julie x

  2. I have none but love the map! I'm sorry to say mine would have to be on the side of my nose (sassy). Not the most seductive, but it's me.

    Love the new header!

  3. are there any large enough to cover bags under the eyes...this early morning rising in order to fit in a ride on Bruce is a killer! (beauty spots for me, not him!!)