jeudi 30 septembre 2010

Chaos reigns!!!

Well my first full day back home and I am out of control! I have stock everywhere, post to open and emails piled up as high as the laundry in the laundry basket! The washing machine door lock has given up and so I have no washing machine so I will deal with that one tomorrow!
But......such gorgeous treasures to unpack......................
Reliquaries, corsage flowers, textiles, trims and so much more....heaven!!!
My new business cards have arrived and I LOVE them!!
I have spent the day trying to photograph and list, unpack and try and make some order of the house. I have failed mostly on all accounts!!

And my news for Novembre......It must be 15 years since I had a stand at any antique fair but I am joining my good friend Tedandbunny for an exclusive day "Vintage at the village hall" in Dorset back in the UK and I am SO looking forward to it!!! The date is the 29th November and it will be nice to bring out some of those treasures I have been hoarding that couldn`t go in the post ! Here is the link for the day and I will give you more details as time moves on.

Tomorrow should find me just a little more organised?
A demain mes belles..........................

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  1. I miss you so my dear Gladys. Things are good just busy with sick people. Jeff was crying for you and it was difficult to comfort him.I am having the show tomorrow and then going to see Kylie next week and then I am coming to see you and I cannot wait!!!!!I am bringing a bag with presents like Pierre Noel!!!I will empty it and fill it back up with brocante goodies. I can't belive I am going to see you.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgh!