lundi 13 septembre 2010

Casanova in Paris.............

Soooo..............Veronique is finding life at home very quiet! Her mother hardly talks to her unless Maxim is there on one of her carefully plotted visits. But Veronique still feels there is something better for her.

This weekend she tells me that she has joined  an online dating agency - and that she has been matched  up with an artist who lives in Paris!

After giving her the usual " Oh please be careful" warnings I do confess that I am as excited as she is!!! She is catching the train on Saturday morning for the hour and a half journey to meet him for dinner. We have already discussed what she will wear, what she will say, just how much she will tell him - and of course the things she has to ask  him without seeming too keen!

We have also checked out the restaurant where they are meeting and have decided that if she does not like him she can climb out of the toilette window and escape!!!! I have told her if he mentions painting her portrait or showing her his etchings in his flat she is to!!!

And me? I am going to miss all the fun! Mark and I are off to Venice for a short break to celebrate our  wedding anniversary.

So, whilst I am sitting in my favourite Cafe Florian pondering how Casanova met his ladies there, Veronique will be in Paris meeting her own Casanova! Wouldn`t it be wonderful if she could swish in to the restaurant in her crinloine and hide behind her fan flashing those long lashes at him?!

On Thursday evening in Venice we are going to the Opera to see La Traviata at San Giovanni Evangalista and I am so looking forward to it. Apparently the performers walk amongst the audience in period costume so I shall be the one on my hands and knees snipping off bits of silk period crinolines as they pass!!

La Traviata traslates as " The woman who strayed"......I hope this does not mean Veronique!!!!!

I shall be back soon and will tell you all the news...............

3 commentaires:

  1. Hello Shirley,
    This is better than Days Of Our Lives(a U.S. soap opera.) Awaiting the latest news on this intriguing romance. And remember in U.S. soaps, there is always someone lurking and eavesdropping behind a partially closed door. So warn your friend to check behind closet doors and high backed settles!

    Sheila and Sherrill

  2. And in U.S. soaps particularly Days of Our Lives....the story NEVER goes on for decades :) I hope Veronique's story doesn't drag out for her...