jeudi 23 septembre 2010

Venice.................I`ll have that one please...........

Venice was simply divine and I am absolutely addicted to the place! The grand doorway to our apartment was amazing....................I was very tempted to get a screwdriver to steal the  door knocker!

I like nothing better than sitting at a cafe at the side of the  Grand Canal with a cafe latte watching the gondolas passing by. Mark kept getting his "gondolas" mixed up with his "gondoliers" and asked me on various occasions if I would like a go on a gondolier! Yes Sir.....I`ll have that big six footer with the muscles please!

The night at the opera was very special, not just the building........................but the grand hall where the event took place.

We had to cross the Grand Canal for the evenings entertainment and there is something very decadent about sitting on a gondola dressed for the opera!! La Traviata was superb and as I have a penchant to cry at anything remotely sad I decided that when Violetta died I would not look at the stage at all, so, I wouldn`t sit there blubbing like an idiot. None of this was helped by a very elegant Italian lady in front of me who kept turning around to nod at me with tears streaming down her face!!  So, when Violetta finally hit the bed I looked away waiting for the silence, but no, she was up again at the front of the stage singing her heart out! It took at least four flops on the bed for her to finally depart and in the end I gave up , watched it all and of course cried! I wanted to blub "stop building your part up and get on with it  love!".

It`s very difficult not to shop whilst in Venice and thank heavens I was limited to what I could fit in a suitcase or I would have treated Diggers to this superbly regal dog bed! I did consider finding a large box and visiting the post office with it.

The shops are gorgeous but the women of Venice WOW what can I say? They are so slim, elegant and dressed to perfection. I think the dressing must come easy with the haute couture shops and those slim bodies come from the fact that as there are no vehicles you would have to take a water bus ( filled with tourists) or taxi or simply walk. I think they MUST walk!!
But that did not stop me from becoming the official taster for one of their traditional dishes of tiramisu. Well someone had to do it didn`t they? I tried so much that I would have to walk the whole of Venice for 10 weeks without stopping to make up for it! I think that to be the correct weight for my height I would have to be 12 feet 4" !!

So back to the mill for me now and my Ebay listings will start again tomorrow and I will give you more news tomorrow too.
A demain mes belles.............

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  1. Ooh Ah! What a terrific time you had in Venice. Very, very envious. I'm with you on the weight/height thingy as I am far too short for my weight. BTW we shall be in the Cotentin this w/e feverishly brocanting in between trying to 'winterize' our poor ruin. And have just learned from Elaine at Ted&Bunny that you will coming over for the vintagevillagehall fair in November - result!

  2. Thanks!! You know I haven`t stood a fair for over 10 years!! It will be nice to bring out some of the things I "had" to buy that were too big to post though!
    Look forward to seeing you and catching up