mercredi 8 septembre 2010

"The knots of love" me please!!!!

I found this divine old sepia print last weekend entitled " Les Noeuds D`amour"....the knots of love. It`s so beautiful but brings me to something not so beautiful concerning knots.......please someone, save me!!!!

Mark is still busy renovating the attic ( or as he calls it "the crows nest"...typical ex Naval officer!!) to make an extra bedroom.  Our tiny dolls house chateau is a tall building with the attic tucked away in the pointed roof which is reached by a tiny old staircase . Mark is worried about a fire escape as, Heaven forbid, should a fire start in the house anyone in the attic room would be trapped. We really do not want to spoil the look of this beautiful old place with a fire escape so my 'monsieur' has come with a plan - and found just what he wanted at the weekend brocante. me! He has come home with two huge lengths of thick, knotted rope that he can tuck away in a cupboard close to the attic window so that, in the event of an emergency, we could climb safely down to the ground!

NO!!!! Please. I don`t do ropes and climbing! As a child in the gym class all the other children had climbed to the top of their knotted ropes and I was always still floundering like a haddock on the floor! I have told him I will not climb down a rope but he has assured me that if my derriere is on fire then I most certainly will!
Will I need to wear a back pack for Diggers and Charles? Will I need grippy gloves .....or a crash hat? Will I be able to hold on? Should I buy a night gown as I cannot sleep in clothes? Should I keep an asbestos boiler suit under the bed! And would I in fact be able to climb out of the window - and descend?
Most worryingly, he has told all of our friends he intends to have a fire drill once a month ( the naval training again!!) and they are all waiting with great glee to watch me come down that rope.
Can someone come and save  me...................................please?

5 commentaires:

  1. Oo-er I too am of the haddock family when it comes to climbing ropes ( how did they do it?)! But Shirley I can't save you. I'm with the sailor (bonjour matelot) as I'm terrified of fires if I sleep above ground and always check my escape route before settling down. Believe me you'll slither down PDQ if necessary - so best keep some heavy duty salve in an outhouse ready to apply to your rope burned thighs!

  2. Hmmmm....don't sleep in the attic bedroom! LOL

  3. I know I shouldn`t but its going to be pale French grey and soft white with touches of tempting!!!!

  4. Tell Mark,Diggers and Charles to slide over I am coming.I will bring you a nightshirt and some salve.I have already given you knickers and it does no good at all.Have to run as I still have a box of biscuits left to finish before lunch.xxxoooo

  5. just imagine that you're pole dancing ;-)))))))))