lundi 4 avril 2011

Cafe and crepes..............

The brocantes start early here so, when you have been truffling from around  5.30am,  a large steaming cafe creme or a chocolat chaud with a croissant or crepe is always very welcome - and especially if the cup has a regal couronne crown!!
Yesterday morning there were five small village brocantes all within a few kilometres of each other ( typical!!) so we started with the one we thought was most likely to hold the most treasures and then carried on working our way around the others.
By the time we reached the fifth venue we were flagging and needed a coffee - and, as I searched for the most likely place to collapse, a panel of toile caught my eye....

...mainly because I had stumbled upon a mobile drinks kiosk with toile decoration! Now that was a first - and obviously had to be the place to buy my drink!!
I had no idea what the French word "Bossus" meant, so when I got home I checked it out.....and discovered......
The  "hunchback cats"?  Surely not. The cat with a hump? I just cannot translate it at all! Perhaps it is some French phrase or saying that I do not know?  Anyway, humps or no humps, her cafe and crepes were "delicieux!".

But seeing the cafe/bar remided me of something about me which I may not have previously told you.  In a previous life some 25 years ago, I owned a restaurant and bar in the UK and used to arrange crazy fancy dress evenings. One night the theme was "French" ( of course!!) and one guy arrived in the most wonderful disguise as The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Halfway through the evening I had to confiscate his hump because each time he turned around he kept knocking glasses from people's hands! He never came back for his hump at the end of the night either and I was left wondering what to do with it!!!

Another life long ago mes belles! I am now 'tres content' at the chateau truffling!!

I have some divine shabby vintage treasures to list this week too; so I'm off to get my camera out!!
A la prochaine............

3 commentaires:

  1. Shirley I love chocolat chaud & crepes, I can't wait to be there in person, it will make a change for M who is partial to a manky burger, which is all you can get over here!
    What did you do with his hump??
    Sounds like it's getting busy over there!
    See you soon
    T X

  2. That's the French for you,
    What a great mobile the burger vans with the smell of boiled onions at English car boots any day!
    Keep truffling...I love to see what you find..
    Julie x

  3. Tracey just let me know when you are coming and I`ll let you know whats on!!!!