mercredi 13 avril 2011

Pink cots and sleeping brocanters...............

Yesterday when travelling to La Poste I spotted a little hand-written card in the patisserie window advertising a yard sale due to a house move. As it was just a few villages away I made a detour to see if there was anything for me. I almost didn`t stop when I saw what was for sale, but the owner, an old man. was in his doorway who looked so happy to see someone that I felt I had to stop and have a look as I couldn`t bear to hurt his feelings!

He was so sweet and walked with me, explaining he was moving to a smaller house as I carefully lifted the covers. He said that many people had driven straight past and I soon realised that there really wasn`t anything at all for me and wondered how I was going to get out of this one!!! I was almost considering buying the huge 1950s pink cot so he would at least have made a sale when he invited me to look inside.
There, just inside the door, was this fabulous old painted table with a bergere shelf..............
The marble top had gone and been replaced with a wooden top........
But I know that Monsieur Levavasseur at the marbrerie will cut me a new piece to fit. It is almost identical to the smaller version I already have in the salle de bain.
This will be much more at home here than the pink cot!!!

Today we had a long lunch with friends and as I was the designated driver Mark took care of tasting the vin rouge! On the way home he fell asleep with his face squashed against the window as I drove back through the narrow country lanes. I had to move onto the narrow verge to allow a tractor and trailer filled with cows to pass and as it slowly rattled past Mark did not stir.  I soon saw that tucked in behind the tractor was a long line of cars filled with very prim looking old ladies who must have been to church. If only you could have seen their faces as they inched past us, each one staring at the slumped-over Mark in amazement! I just kept my eyes forward and pretended nothing was happening!
Should I have woken him? No.....I say let sleeping brocanteurs lie.................

A la prochaine mes belles!

4 commentaires:

  1. I try and stop my husband sleeping in the car as he snores so loudly that it spoils the lovely vocals of Michael Buble (he obviously is not in the car too)... worth the trip for the fabs table though and much nicer than a pink cot! Abby x

  2. I thought for a moment you had Micheal on the back seat!!! Now that would have given those old dears something to stare at!!

  3. What a lovely find! I have only recently found your blog but had time this morning to read it all. I peed a little bit when I read about you taking the linens in the shop which were in fact other people's laundry! My husband asked what I was laughing at when I was reading about you asking for a bunch of pajamas and I am totally with you on the underpants issue. Haven't worn them for years! Keep up the good work. I have just started blogging myself, please give me a visit at
    Being such an excellent blogger yourself, I would love the input.

  4. love you table is beatiful and beside that you make this gentleman happy enjoy you great find!