mardi 5 avril 2011

The "Hole" truth................

When we first bought the chateau we were told there was  a legend in the village that there is a hidden tunnel here that runs to the village church. I have searched for it often but nothing has ever appeared. Today the renovations were brought to a standstill when what looked like an old man-hole cover appeared from under the overgrown cottages................

I was SO excited!!! We had found it at last and my head was filled with visions of a beautiful stone lined secret passage with old candle sconces to light the way and moss underfoot.

The longer it took to lift the cover the more my imagination ran wild......caskets filled with treasure...hidden manuscripts and huge Harry Potter style leather bound books covered with cobwebs.... I waited holding my breath as the cover was finally lifted.

 But I was told "Non Madam" is a "puits"......a well....and it turned out to be a dry one too!

Not even a frog or toad in residence! I came back to the cuisine quite deflated but I got to thinking....... just because it isn`t the tunnel "this time" doesn`t mean it`s not there at all!!!  Does it?

A bientot from the "eternal optimist" mes belles! Filling the hole as we speak!

4 commentaires:

  1. What a great story...holding my breath too for a minute. You never know what treasures you may yet find - keep looking!!

  2. Oh, if only! Next time, for sure...
    How fun to think of the possibilities.

  3. How exciting I think I may have wet myself!
    Next time lucky??
    T x

  4. Oh blast, I know exactly how you feel, I am so going to find treasure everytime I put my spade in the ground. I had to ask DR Groundworks to keep his eye out as he tore through my garden and promised to share the treasure when he found it....mais non chance....catch up soon.xx