mardi 19 avril 2011


There have been some wonderful entries for the blog competition and I am going to let it run until the weekend to allow more entries. There have been lots of suggestions sent direct to my website and all I can say to Dianne with her hysterically funny Shirley Valentine entry is " Why stop at Tuesday?!!!".

Work is continuing on the chateau restoration and today as an old chimney was checked out a huge wasps nest came tumbling down onto Mark`s head! Fortunately it was an old one with nothing inside it.....the nest not Mark`s head that is!! What an amazing construction! It feels like tissue paper and is as light as a feather...............

I wonder how many wasps it took to build this?

The weekend brocantes were kind to me and I came home with some divine treasures including this delicious toile...

 and a stunning early church reliquary.....

that still has it`s amazing old seal intact..............

The weather here is scorching hot and the cuckoos have started to sing. Summer on the way...............fantastique!!!

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  1. We have a wasps nest in our roof which I had hoped would be wiped out by the severe cold winter, seems not as I caught one in the bathroom today!!!
    I can't wait to gt over there - brocante & a tan, what more could a girl ask for ?? (except JD)