mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Chez nous!

Well................... you don`t get rid of me that easily you know!!!! Just when you thought it was safe to go back on your pc I`m back!!!

I really refuse to be ill again after this most recent episode!! It`s been one hell of a year for me!

I realised that my blood oxygen level was low again on Sunday morning when I was as wobbly as an alchoholic who had spent the night locked in a local vineyard.

So, with overnight bag packed "just in case", off we went to Valognes hospital to hand myself in! They checked me out before linking me up to an oxygen cylinder,  zipping me up in a huge sleeping bag like a caterpillar and loading me into an ambulance where I was taken, with the full flashing lights regalia, to the larger hospital at Cherbourg! I don`t see why I should go quietly - do you? Poor Mark had to follow in our car - eventually getting left behind when the ambulance driver decided to run through a red light!

I was promptly hooked up to a drip and the first of two sachets of blood was pumped into me (I didn't realise how freezing cold it was as I felt it going in!).After the second bag I was then transferred to the maternity department ( excuse me?) to be monitored, sharing a room with a very sweet 19 year old girl who asked if I was " enceinte" ( preganant!).  As a menopausal old mule I found that question very funny to say the least!!

The next morning it was very apparent that the blood they had given me was checking out as quickly as it had checked in - and I was told they would operate to see what was going on later in the day. The surgeon's name was Vlad....short for Vladimir.....short for Vlad the Impaler? Whilst I nervously awaited the op I was given three more bags of French blood; surely that makes me completely French now?

So, the op. is done, I returned home today and, hopefully, that is the end of all the hoo har!!  I am, as I write this, crumpled under a quilt ( 19th century faded floral of course!) with Digger at my side and Charles the Baron at my feet. I have been doing a little tv watching and after Ray Mears bushcraft I now know how to build a bear trap, make my own teepee and how to tell wolf poo from bear poo . That is sure to come in very useful for early morning brocanting!

Having received 9 bags of nice French blood in 7 weeks I would like to say a big 'merci' to those wonderful donors who handed it over - and hope they were rewarded with the best macaroons with their cafe afterwards.

A big 'merci', also, for all the wonderful messages of support.  Normal service is to be resumed very quickly.  Now............... how long can I hang it out under this quilt being spoiled and waited on??

A demain mes belles

13 commentaires:

  1. Shirley, you are hilarious. First off, I hope you are doing well after all that! Secondly, yes, you have to be officially French from all the blood...right?

    Your post had me hooked, you tell stories so well.

  2. Ha as long as you can make it last....I suspect you have already tossed it to one side....
    Lovely your home xx
    Lynn xx

  3. Hi Rhonda
    Thank you for the lovely message and I do read your divine blog all the time but for some reason blogger will not let me leave some comments at the moment! Let us know next time you come to Paris and we can get together for a cafe!

  4. Hi Lynn
    Oh you know me too well! I am already bored and thinking about what to list tomorrow!!


  5. So glad you are back home and tucked up in bed. I wold stay there for as long as possible and be very demanding! Did that paramedic take you in the ambulance? I would have been very happy to have been assisted by him on a journey to hospital! :)
    Get well soon xxxxxxx

  6. What's going on with you honey! I was worried when I read your post yesterday, and equally as surprised to see your presence today! You must be most definitely French now with so much of their blood in your veins! D you speka da lingo now?

    Keep yourself well babe. What will people do without your frips?
    Much love

  7. Yes, I think you are now for sure full blooded French! So sorry you are having a rough year.Prayers and Blessings headed your way Love~Cheers Kim

  8. Get better soon Shirley, thinking of you.
    Jo xx

  9. So happy to hear you are home under your own beautiful linens:) Sometimes God just does things like this as a slow us down just a bit...Just like your owl. How is he by the way?
    May you have lots of scones & tea and plenty of beauty sleep.

  10. Abby......It was definitely worth it...I wasn`t sure how to ask for the kiss of life in French though!! French is no better at all..ho heee ho heee ho he ho..huh!

    Kim....Thank you SO much..perhaps I should have a more French name now like Fabienne, Antoinette or Benedict...something a bit more continental!!

    Jo.....send me a pug to cuddle?

    Madame Le French Bleu....the owl is doing very well and will be released in the same spot shortly which is wonderful. Scones and tea....most sleep....much too late for that!!!

  11. You are amazing! No matter what, you manage to maintain a sense of humor. I hope 2012 is a really good year for you. You deserve it!

  12. Glad you are on the mend Shirley - Let's hope it stays that way ('til after Xmas at least!!!) xx

  13. Thank you Cathy and Heather
    2012 is going to be a very healthy year!!!