samedi 10 décembre 2011

Manners cost nothing young man!

Hercule my adored 1930s enamel aga is one of my treasured possessions and one of the best buys I ever made. He was bought initially just as a decorative piece to fill a huge fireplace here but soon we realised how well he works and we have come to rely on him. He heats the whole house with a delicious glow. He was christened HERCULE after the detective Poirot after we discovered he was made in Belgium.

I have grown used to his little foibles as he has mine and we have a good working relationship. Well I should say we DID have a good relationship. For the last few days he has flatly refused to stay alight. No matter what I have tried to coax him with he does not want to know. The chimney is all clear after the ramonager Mr Rousseau did his yearly clean a month ago, we have dry wood and good quality coal, so what is his problem? This morning I resorted to melted candle wax all over the coal which just produced a mist of hideous smelling smoke but no action.

The air is very still on the marsh with not even the slightest breeze and the storks have arrived back for the winter. I do hope we haven`t been chosen for one of those huge storks nests that they tuck inside the large chimey pots in the region.

So Hercule let me advise you Sir.......Mr Rousseau will be here again on Monday to check the chimney but meanwhile may I remind you that you are a guest in this house and I expect better manners.

Let that be the end of it and fire up before I thrash you to within an inch of your life with a ticking bolster!

A demain mes belles

6 commentaires:

  1. Such a naughty boy Hercule. If his behaviour does not improve very soon I insist that you send him poste haste to the EleganceMaison House of Correction. I would expect Mark to deliver him, of course. ( Hahaha)

  2. Hi Cecile!
    He has given in and is glowing again! Heaven knows what the problem was. The stork does not cometh.....phew!!

  3. Good news! And to be truthful I have thankfully given up on the stork visitations for some years now...

  4. Tell him to get to work on those 'little grey cells'.... he is letting his namesake down!!
    Hope you are feeling better, don't go back to truffling too soon! xxxx

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Abby you caught me....there is a flea market tomorrow morning and the alarm is set.
    I know.......I know.......I just can`t help myself!!

  6. We have been dealing with a very stroppy cuisiniere as well. The coal takes a lot of lighting and if the weather conditions are all against you and there is not enough draw up the flue then they act like badly behaved children and just won't.........stay with it and get some really good fire lighters we had to go to LECLERC...dare I say that word, but they sell the best in town. see ya soon xxxxx