lundi 12 décembre 2011

Verdi gris at its best..........

Of course I couldn`t stay in bed yesterday morning.....not when there is a matter how small !! I know Abby of My Spotty Pony told me I shouldn`t go out truffling too soon but I was a violation to the code and didn`t pay attention!!! Sorry Abby!

 It was quite easy to twist Mark`s arm to get up whilst it was still pitch black outside as this Winter brocante always had a steaming urn of mulled wine on offer!

It was held in an old cattle market where the light is quite dim until daylight appears but I still managed to spot something wonderful hanging in the shade against a wall. A little closer truffling and I found this wonderful old iron church chandelier..............

I took it out into the early light just as the sun was coming up and ooooooohhhh................the verdi gris finish is second to none!

The photographs really don`t do it justice!

Chalky soft green with a look that simply could not be reproduced. The old cord covered wiring is still in place and I was told it had hung over a church altar for many years.

It`s enough to make you don a cassock and join the church choir!!!

5 commentaires:

  1. You are a naughty girl going back so soon. Yes, if you notice the time this is posted I have menopausal insomnia tonight. Plus, it's blowing a bloody gale, the boat keeps rocking and I feel like I'm falling out of bed!
    Tired now though so nt nt xxxx

  2. Oh DI!!
    It was a terrible gale here last night, our friends TV aerial blew off along with their shed roof and the next village has no electricity! I forgot completely about your boat being thrashed about!!! I am donning a rubber ring and arm bands as we speak to come and save you!!

  3. OK, you are allowed to leave your bed for something as gorgeous as that chandelier. I hope you had your fair share of mulled wine.... for medicinal purposes of course!
    Gale force winds again tonight.... on way with RNLI to help Di too!
    Ps. Thanks for mention and link..... too kind xxxxxx

  4. Hi Shirley - so happy to see that you are back "at it".
    Mum now reads your blog avidly as she has always had a thing for "portly English Gentlemen"!
    T x

  5. I tried. I really tried. I had kitchen timers set all over the house. I ran to the computer every 10 minutes to check. I was even willing to miss the end of my British mystery I was watching on TCM. I hyperventilated during the last two minutes, where I was sure I was the winner. Then the time ended, and the words immediately changed to "you're a big loser" or something like that. It was the most beautiful chandelier I had ever seen.