vendredi 10 août 2012

Delicieux Vendredi...........

A scorching day with just a soft and gentle cooling breeze across the marsh towards the garden.  Perfect for a long lazy lunch for 6 good friends................

My favourite cafe check  bunting.....a little old monogrammed  linen ................

lots of laughter and easy conversation. Sir Digbert flat out asleep under the table at my feet after being secretly fed titbits by just about everyone (!) and Charles Le Baron on the top step enjoying the sun.

After all those weeks of lashing rain the garden is a riot of colour.............

( I am very proud of this artichoke by the way!!)

Slow roast hoi sin pork served warm with its sticky coating ( Thank you Gok Wan for the recipe!)

Tiny cherry tomatoes in basil and balsamic dressing ( thanks to Jamie Oliver!)

Fresh salads from local producers at the local marche this morning.

Tiny new potatoes grown in the chateau gardens at Pont L`abbaye

Soft warm baguettes from the patisserie of Madame Renard.

Creamy luscious butter from the local cows

 A range of beautiful locally produced cheeses.

Home made chocolat ganache topped with vanilla icecream with rich sweet strawberries from the marche.

A perfect....perfect Friday!!!

Bonne weekend mes belles....the brocantes await!!


5 commentaires:

  1. Hello Shirley,
    Are you sure you have my correct postal address as my invitation seems to have gone amiss :-)

    Looks superb, make the most of It.

  2. Everything looks and sound so delicious! Amazing menu and the table is so much fun!!

  3. Hello Shirley

    What a delightful setting and the menu sounds sumptuous.

    You should be very proud of the artichoke. I have not had success growing one (too cool temps)

    To a great weekend


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