mercredi 29 août 2012

Tootsies on my wall !!

I always have my best ideas in the bath! I usually take a book and can be gone for at least an hour!! 

Some time ago whilst languishing in the steam I decided to try and use the 2 almost black chateau panels I have been hoarding for years.I thought they may carry the wall sconces we had chosen for the new room. 

Mark mounted them on the wall and did the electrics. I gave them a coat of white and then pale French grey but the grey just looked too solid.

So I decided to try a crackle glaze finish..............

What a waste of time that was.....not a crackle in sight!!!
So.................I went to deeper Gustavian grey, a little sand papering to distress the edges and finally a polish with a newspaper to age the paint and give it a shine. Voila!!

Then the fun part.....three years ago when I was in hospital feeling sorry for myself after a heart stent op. a large parcel arrived from Tartelette in Oregon. Mark brought it to the hospital and the treats inside really brightened my day!! 

Inside were pink wrapped tootsie rolls that held four of the most delicieux 19th century silk lattice ribbon lamp shades. 

Finally yesterday It was time to unwrap those tootsies!!

I am going to hide them when Tartelette visits next month....they look so edible she may try and take them home again!!

A la prochaine mes belles

4 commentaires:

  1. It's all coming together so well Shirl, can't wait to see the fully finished room :-) pouring with rain again here, day after day, boat leaking, feeling its time to get off the water. It'll be short lived though, the sun will come out and I will change my mind again.

    Have a good Wednesday!

    1. Di....its glorious here! doors and windows are thrown open and I have 8 pairs of Victorian long legged bloomers drying on the line!!
      You could put your boat at the bottom of the garden when the marsh floods in winter..

  2. YOU just took my breath away! Now, that is how it all comes together in my dreams. Perfection. Don't you just love it? Viola is right.