dimanche 26 août 2012

Marie Antoinette came to visit today........

A very early start today for a wonderful brocante that stretched for miles around a small local town. Each street was laden with treasures so there was nothing to be missed and it was quite tough on the feet!!

Five hours later we arrived home and collapsed in a heap with a large coffee for a quiet afternoon.We were so shattered we didn`t even unload the car with the treasures we had truffled out.

 Then there was a knock at the door and we groaned and looked at each other.................please much as we love to see everyone ......not visitors we are too tired! 

I went bleary eyed to the door to see our nearest neighbour Marie Antoinette. I adore her and her name has always made me smile. No silk gown, tumbling curls and tiny silk slippers for her. My marie Antoinette is 87 years old, wears a wrap around apron, wellington boots and head scarf and zips around the village on her old " peddle and pop" Mobylette. (That is not her above of course but you get the idea!!!).

She is the grand daughter of Madame Guerin who used to own the chateau and loves to visit to see the renovations as they go along. Her bag was laden with her homegrown vegetables and flowers so the kettle went on and a tour of the works began.

She had come to tell us that the hunting season has opened ( how I detest it!) and that we should ensure that our animals stay as close to home as possible in the first few weeks whilst the hunters are keen after a long summer of "no hunting allowed".

 There are regulations at to how close a hunter can shoot near to a residence but some do get a little " shot happy" in the first few weeks.  I have been known to stand on the edge of our garden near the marsh muttering loudly about " gendarmes"  and " telephones" in my best French!!

Charles le Baron may look a little like a fox in the morning mist so I am always nervous when he leaves the garden. 

I may have to borrow Marie Antoinette`s  Mobylette to do a little " duck scaring" myself then the hunters will have to go elsewhere!

A la prochaine mes belles.


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