mercredi 15 août 2012

Not again Gigi? !!

Well... what can I say? Gigi is pregnant yet again! She is without doubt the most luscious and sensuous-looking mademoiselle in the village. Quite a head turner who I have always felt would be more at home living a chic life in Paris than here in a quiet Normandie hamlet.

What is it about her that bring the local monsieurs around like bees around a honey pot? Is it those gentle almond eyes  or the curly apricot blonde hair? Or perhaps her walk or should I say wiggle? 

Perhaps her looks have nothing to do with her appeal? She is always happy and bubbly and greets everyone warmly with total joy and love.

But then.... perhaps it is the way she stands outside her gate at all hours with that "come up and see me sometime" look. 

If a poodle could wear a beret at a jaunty angle, a belted raincoat, stilettos and silk stockings and have a cigarette burning away in a long silver 1920s holder it would be Gigi.  I am surprised she doesn`t paint her claws bright red with lips to match!

Even as a young girl she always had the boys of the village under her spell.

So who is the culprit this time? 

As we are quite a remote village it should be quite easy to simply look at her new litter and the new father will be easily identifiable!

Here is the list of potential new papas:

Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw - most definitely not! He would not lower himself ( or in fact raise himself that high!!) and he is now a gentleman enjoying his twilight years.

Panache - a very handsome German Shepherd from the village manoir who has an eye for the ladies. But he would never be faithful to her.

Gunter - the Dacshund who belongs to the Countess at the nearby chateau.  

A bit of a playboy and man about town who goes with his owner twice a week to Paris on business. A good catch in my view as Gigi would want for nothing and he has exceptionally good breeding. She could lead that Paris chic life and wear the latest "haute couture" - perhaps like this?

Gavotte - A working dog who lives with Philippe, who hunts on the marsh. Totally macho and, I should imagine, the Jean Claude Van Damme of the dog world. Quite a virile character - so it could be him.

Doudou - ( as in doggy dou dou!). A growly, snarling grumpy guard dog who sleeps under the stars and terrifies us all. Perhaps she softened him up with a little sweet talk and a swish of her tail? Unlikely! I doubt he has a smile in him let alone a long lingering kiss that would enchant a poodle!

 Gigi - you are a harlot, a strumpet and a loose poodle.  So we now wait with bated breath to see who the real father is. No DNA tests needed on this one!

I will keep you informed mes belles

5 commentaires:

  1. Harley swears it wasn't him!!!!

    1. Yes but she likes them young Heather!!

  2. OMG you are so funny...thanks once again for the loud laugh at work. They think I'm drinking in my office...hahahahaha

  3. My money is on Gavotte! Look at that twinkle in his eye, dead giveaway!

    1. yes he`s a bit Tom Sellick and Paul Hollywood