vendredi 30 novembre 2012

A different route..................

Visiting a large trade fair recently I was enthralled with the stock of a dealer who had travelled from Italy to sell there. I was sorry that I hadn't taken my camera; his display was simply beguiling. Every item was totally delicieux; he had set out his tables swathed with heavy brocades and velvets with twinkling girondolle lamps . I wanted it all....every piece!!

His stock was so unusual. I was captivated by his collection of 18th century wooden articulated hands, dark and smooth with the passage of time. But OUCH...the prices! Even top Paris dealers who had stopped to look almost dropped them like a hot potato when they were told the price. 

I couldn`t buy one to resell and couldn`t even justify the price to buy one to keep for myself. And as for the prices of those beautiful twinkling girondolles.......they were a double "ouch" with knobs on!!!

Even though I couldn`t buy them the 'hands' must have stayed on my mind - so perhaps that is why, at the brocante last weekend, I came home with some sweet treasures with "hands" !!
A beautiful old jewellers "loupe".......and

......a divine 19th century timeworn ex- voto.

So, I suppose I did get my hands on some hands in the end!

Today I had a call from a friend to say that her grandmere was downsizing and would I like to go and see if there was anything I would like to buy. I am not good in these situations;  I always end up paying too much for items when it is a friend and I have been greeted by someone charming! 

I set off and made a promise to myself that if I saw  anything I wanted I would only pay what I would normally pay at a brocante - and not to be too generous.

But as soon as I saw a twinkling girondolle lit up in grandmeres boudoir my promise went out of the window! I offered her top price with knobs on - and she was delighted. Now I have it in my home - and I am delighted too!

So, I suppose I did get what I wanted in the end - but just by a different route!

Bon weekend mes belles

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  1. Okay, how much are we talking about here, pricewise, for them? I am so curious! Sigh, just love them.

  2. I have the same problem when in buying directly from the owner. But, if it's for yourself, the right price is the price you are willing to pay to own it.

  3. I only WISH I found beautiful pieces to ponder over. My treasure hunts are never as successful as yours, that is probably why I "shop".

    Hey Shirley, you won my giveaway - pop over!!

  4. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!! I have won a giveaway with the gorgeous Rhonda