mercredi 28 novembre 2012

Oooooooooh la la.............

Ooooh la la!! Just look at Charles le Baron du sleepy on the sofa in front of the fire! I`sn't he just adorable...?

Sitting in the bustling cafe this morning with a steaming hot chocolat and 'croissant amande'  I overheard a loud "Ooooooh la la!"  - and then I realised how just many times I hear it every day. It really is a well-used French expression used for so many things! 

Being a very versatile expression, it works to greet a new born baby just as well as it does when your shopping carrier bag splits and your oignons sprawl all over the supermarche floor!!

And.......if I flip the photo of Charles upside down he looks like a vampire cat. Now that most definitely is an OOOOOOOOOOH la la!!!! Just look at those teeth!!

Bisoux mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. Mon Dieu!
    Another French expression that came swiftly to mind....a vampire cat indeed.
    I bet you have no problem with mice in your Chateau...word must surely have got round the rodent population...Beware of the Cat and his teeth...
    Julie x

  2. So dang funny. I have missed your posts, been traveling about. Home now and have a lot to catch up on.