vendredi 2 novembre 2012

Paris Amour............

A long drive to endure -  but the thought of truffling at the 'flea' market in Paris makes the miles go quicker for Mademoiselle Frou Frou.

Such an early start in the morning................

...............but the dealers were up long before, and have already started to set up. No time for an expresso and croissant!
Aren't those little leather boots just adorable?

And look at those little pink fripperies....I`ll get a batch together and try to barter for a good deal.

"Merci madame" .....a wonderful little haul of truffles!

Keep moving........ still so much to see. Oh heavens! A stand full of vintage clothes...............
...........followed by a vintage textile stand!

Smile monsieur!! The sun is out, this is Paris and it`s a brocante! What`s not to like?

A wonderful day truffling for treasures then off to find Mr Frou Frou for supper. Is that him? Hope not!!

Is this him? If it is, he has been doing some body building!

I`ll just check behind here.

Voila!!   Oooooooooh la la!! I have found him. 

A little Paris amour!! What a perfect end to a fabulous day.

5 commentaires:

  1. Sounds fabulous for sure! Oh would I so love to get my hands on some of those treasures myself~Cheers Kim

  2. Is that where you found all the ballet stuff last year. At leat you had nice weather for it! Looks like a wonderful day :-)

  3. Réponses
    1. Hi Di
      Frou and Mr Frou go down to Paris quite often as the market is every Saturday ....I just hate the 4 hour drive! ( Must be getting old!!) If it was where the ballet stuff came from I would be there camped out every Sat morning I can tell you!!!

  4. A beautiful day to be sure and a beautiful Frou Frou!!!

    I have a question...what is the location of this market? Although I have been to the big ones in PAris I am looking for a few smaller ones to check out. IF you would not be giving away your trade secret I would appreciate the help.