jeudi 8 novembre 2012

An oeil de boeuf at last.................

I have been searching for a zinc ''oeil de boeuf surround for the attic window for over three years - and today one fell into my lap.

Actually that isn`t quite true.....I fell into the 'oeil's' lap!!

Wandering around an architectural antiques brocante yard I turned a corner and tripped over the surround that was lying on the ground. As I lay there floundering like a haddock on the ground a very chic couple came around the corner to find me in an entangled heap. I did consider flipping onto my knees to give the impression that I was examining it very closely but it was too late; they must have heard the crash and hurried over to investigate.

Mark carried the oeil de boeuf over to the office to barter a good price and I followed behind, my face glowing with embarrassment. But I soon recovered when  'le proprietaire'  produced a large scrolled and curled cartouche that fitted on the top section; it simply had to be soldered in place. 

We managed to fit it into the car - just -  dropping off the curl at the blacksmith`s atelier on the way home to be repaired.

Soooooooooo....we now just have to talk someone into climbing up to the rooftop to see how it fits. The last time we tried to find somone to go up on the roof to repair the weather vane all the local roofers said it was too high and would only do so with a full scaffolding in place!!

I could do with a visit from someone who can do the Indian rope trick! Any offers?

Diggers update 

The antibiotics seem to be working and he is alot less red and itchy. He has finally left his bed and has had a wander in the garden...............phew!
A demain mes belles

2 commentaires:

  1. The window surround is lovely. Don't worry I am always falling over (no wine involved!) and making a fool of myself! I remember some rather fetching platform boots many years ago and going A over T in the middle of Plymouth city centre in them!
    Glad Diggers is feeling better, poor boy.
    Jo xx

    1. Oh Jo......the thought of platform boots!! I would have given anything to see that!