vendredi 15 février 2013

Loop the LOUPE!

In November I sold a very beautiful old jeweller`s magnifying glass loupe to a wonderful lady in the US. It was to be a very special gift for her mum.

With the French postal system there is no tracking for items under 2 kilo, so, if something is special it is wise to pay for the extra tracking service.

So, I paid for a full followed and signed for service and of went missing!!! The tracking stopped dead in December at a Paris airport.

My lovely buyer was very, very patient and we all waited for its arrival " just in case" the Christmas post was backed up somewhere.

 A week ago it had still not arrived so I refunded my lady fully as La poste had not come up with any answers.

Then to my surprise this morning there was a box on the doorstep! The loupe!!!

No explanation just a label stating " Unclaimed".

So after all it`s travels and wherever it has been it will be listed again this evening.

A very well travelled petite loupe!!

Bon weekend mes belles


5 commentaires:

  1. Unbelievable! The postal systems never fail to amaze me. A least you have it back :-)

  2. Maybe it was always meant to be yours?? So glad it founds its way back to you.

  3. It's like a boomerang!!!!!!!!!!!
    A bientot

  4. The post is scary no matter what country you live in. I cross my fingers whenever I purchase from France or the UK. I no longer ship internationally because the US Post raised the shipping to an unbelievable cost. Too bad because I enjoyed having international customers. You cannot track unless you make a down payment equal to one year semester to college.

    Lucky you to get it back - it's gorgeous.

  5. Oh, how did I miss this lovely, not merely once, but twice. What a treasure.