dimanche 24 février 2013

Poor cold mice.......

If I can give nothing else to my daughter Frou Frou I can at least pass on what I have discovered from 28 years or so of truffling for old French textiles.

But sometimes the temptation is simply tooooooooo much!!!! At a recent house contents auction there was a large box of  vintage household linens and the auctioneer said the word " candlewick". Well I am sorry I just can`t do candlewick.....mainly because I can remember sleeping under sheets and candlewick as a child. UGH!

But Frou Frou being from the age of plump feather duvets asked me what candlewick was.

I couldn`t help myself and told her quite solemnly that she should never buy or sell the stuff as it was made from baby mice. She stood wide eyed as I told her that baby mice called "Wicks" were bred solely for candlewick production and as soon as they grew fur it was shaved off and woven into the candlewick. I told her the practise was disgusting and the poor mice were never allowed to keep any fur and many froze. I said that many baby "wicks" would have been sacrificed just to make one bedcover.

I thought no more of it until yesterday when Frou Frou told me she had "googled" candlewick and it has nothing to do with mice at all!

Well I love it! What can I make up next?!

A la prochaine mes belles!

4 commentaires:

  1. oh that is so funny, that is what us mothers are for, wind-ups or embarassment!!
    T x

  2. Lol too funny! What a Hoot and gotta love that google~Kim

  3. Children wind us up. It makes a change to get one over them.
    So funny. Cute picture!

  4. Well. Mother! I knew you were being a werido but yes I googled it.
    How utterly Butterly rude.