lundi 10 février 2014

Move over Casanova.....

Yesterday morning at 6.30am in a howling gale and lashing rain I had the option of travelling locally to a Couturiers Puce flea market where the world and his auntie would be, or, I could drive forever to the middle of nowhere to a small chapel where a chateau attic had been emptied for a sale that was hardly advertised.

It was only a whisper we had heard and I wouldn`t have been surprised to get there and find nothing at all and then I would have missed the treasures at the other sale!

No competition..... the long drive it was then!! I am so glad I did it and the only other person I told was of course Miss Frou Frou who was making her own way there in the dark.

I am so glad we did it! There were so many treasures and , some amazing old tickings and blue flame.

  This must be my favourite find. Three masked ball wigs for a Marquis and Marquise.


Move over Casanova.........

A la prochaine mes belles

2 commentaires:

  1. Sweet find!! You, Shirley, are quite amazing in your treasure hunts. Be well and keep on hunting!!

  2. Let the bun fighting begin. The one with the pink bow is mine. Xxx