vendredi 7 février 2014

Mystery at the brocante......

The first English couple we met when we first moved to Normandy nearly 10 years ago were Jill and Tony Collins.

 I had been standing in the queue at the local post office, laden with parcels, and Jill, also in the queue, saw all my parcels and introduced herself with " Are you Simply Chateau?". From that moment on we have remained firm friends!

Her husband, Tony, is now retired but previously worked as an archaeologist - and it was perhaps no surprise, when he decided to take up writing, that his first published novel took the reader back to Roman times.

This week he has had his second novel published and today presented me with a signed copy. Its subject matter is much more up my street! Titled "In the Dark Shadow of Evil - The Countess de Couvegne Letters"  it is apparently a story full of intrigue and mystery, with betrayal, kidnap and murder thrown in, taking the reader from the bustle and excitement of the famous weekly Clingancourt antiques flea market in Paris across the English Channel to London and China - and the murky underworld of organised crime.

With a glint in his eye Tony told me today that he had based one of the characters in his book - an antique textile dealer who happens to be called 'Shirley' - on me!
I am going to start reading it this evening. Please let me turn out to be a tall Parisian beauty married to a Count living in his chateau - and it is me who truffles out something fabulous at the flea market!! [However, I fear it might just be me!]  

The book is now available to buy both on the Amazon website and in some shops.

However if I start getting worried as to how I have been portrayed I may have to purchase every copy!!! ( Also, although I haven`t yet read the book , Tony assures me that I am not "The dark shadow of evil !!".



Published by Black Rose Writing.

Here is a link to the book website

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  1. I just discovered you wonderful blog..Tell me why is that music so very familiar? What is it......

    1. The music is played during the closing credits of the film "The Duchess"? Have you seen it?

  2. How delightful of Tony to include you in his book. I will be buying one to have you sign it for me upon arrival to the chateau.

  3. Charlottes Brocante Miss Tartelette...we await your arrival with locked armoires....