mardi 4 février 2014

Sssshhhhhhh................ don`t mention Winter....

We seem to have escaped any real desperate Winter weather so far here at the chateau. We have only had one morning of frost and the ton of coal we had shipped in from Belgium to fire up 'Hercule', our 1930s stove, in the cuisine has hardly been touched. But I suppose in saying all that is really asking for trouble - because it wasn't umtil March last year when the weather really deteriorated and we were snowed in without electricity for 3 days.

As usual the marsh is flooded almost to the bottom of the garden and it is simply beautiful. It is the first thing I see when I open the bathroom shutters in the morning and, usually, there are a couple of swans, a host of Egrets, ducks and the odd Heron wading in the shallows.

I have stopped panicking about the lone swan Charlie Wilson as Frou Frou came with her long lens  camera and we discovered he still has quite a lot of grey feathers. He is the swan on the far right of the above photograph. He must be young and is still with his parents so I have no need to advertise him on a dating site after all!

Frou Frou also took these amazing photographs of a duck just taking flight.

Sometimes I have to drag myself away from that window. I could stand and watch all day.

My cuisine is currently like an old French " blanchisserie" laundry!  I have truffled out a wonderful batch of children`s pinafore dresses  from the late 1800s.  Packed away since the early 1900s they were foxed so I have been soaking them before laundering - and they are coming up beautifully. The postman came in to bring a parcel this morning and I am sure he thinks I am running some kind of an orphanage here with all those little clothes hanging out to drive!

And now I have to press them all!

A demain mes belles

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  1. Wow, how gorgeous your part of France is. You go ahead and sit at the window all day, pictures like these make my heart sing! Cannot wait to see your dresses!!

    1. Rhonda....come over and help me press them!!