jeudi 13 février 2014

Ring me.....

I nipped off to Coutances for a little retail therapy collecting Frou Frou on the way and we got there at 12.30 forgetting after all these years that the shops close from 12 noon until 2pm here in France. It is something I will never get used to and I will always find it frustrating.

It was soooo cold and rather than drive back home we went into a nearby restaurant to have coffee and pass some time.

We made our way to the comfy seats in the café area whilst next to us the dining area was bustling with lunchtime diners mostly office workers all suited and booted.

As I took off my gloves my wedding ring shot through the air almost in slow motion. I watched it go with horror as it landed next to the plate of a very fierce looking monsieur dining alone. He stopped eating and watched it as it spun round on its end for what seemed like a lifetime before coming to rest next to his hand!!

I sent Miss Frou Frou to retrieve it as I was too embarrassed.

"It`s okay monsieur" she told him...."it was not a proposal of marriage!" He didn`t say a word and just glared at her.

Definitely not a proposal of anything monsieur.....not with a face like a squashed croissant!

A la prochaine mes belles

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh my!!! Too funny!! I would definitely have snorted coffee out of my nose! Such a clever line Miss Frou Frou delivered! Ah well...we enjoyed the humor even if Monsieur Grumpy Pants did not!!!!