mercredi 5 mai 2010

Babes who brocante......................

I am shattered, dirty and heading for a long hot bath! The scaffolding has just come down ready for it to be returned to the hire company in the least we are finally grey..................

More pictures tomorrow.......but I will leave you with a shot of all the other buildings still to be renovated........................

I am going to lie in the bath and try not to think about the enormity of the restoration but I will instead look forward to when this barn becomes my office and stock room!!

Perhaps we should include some gites and you can all come and stay. Instead of "Ladies who lunch" we could do " babes who brocante"!!!!

5 commentaires:

  1. Will there be central heating? If so book me in as soon as they are ready.

  2. If there is central heating I will be in there myself!!

  3. Hi Shirley, I really like this color, the Petit Chateau looks very elegant! Over time the color will darken due to environmental pollution!-- B&B would be great and I would like to book this little red baron for the nights as a warm water bottle! Have a nice day, Margit from Germany

  4. Hi Margit!
    I can cope with the darkening...its all a bit shockingly bright at the moment. It feels like a house at the seaside!!
    B&B booking taken.......for about 25 years time!!
    Have a wonderful dcay

  5. Oh how wonderful!
    I am in love it looks beautiful! i am packing a bag as i type,i can paint,sew, shop brocante anything? lol
    Love Kristina XxX