dimanche 30 mai 2010

A new caring last.............

I have watched this wonderful enchanted old chateau slowly crumble over the years. It has stood empty , alone and unloved since before the first time I saw it - some 10 years ago. The shutters were firmly closed, the gardens overgrown and slowly it was deteriorating.

Imagine my suprise when I passed it early this morning on the way to a brocante. A few of the shutters were open, the grass was cut and there were cars parked at the steps. So of course I had to get closer to investigate!

New owners!!! New owners at last!!!! I didn`t have the nerve to open the gates and go any closer ( especially as a few faces appeared at the windows to see what I was doing!) But,I could see that inside was awash with step ladders, painters and builders.

I do so hope they treat the old girl kindly................she deserves gentle care and attention! I hope they keep all her wonderful period features, but if not, believe me....I`ll be through that gate and in that builders rubble as quick as a truffle pig in the forest!!!

I`ll let you know what happens.

5 commentaires:

  1. Dear Shirley,please,please let us know!
    I really hope the new owners will take care of this wonderful chateau!
    Keep an eye on them!

  2. I like how you put it -"I hope they treat the old girl kindly..." Being a lover of old and beautiful things I hope so too. Keep us posted if you can!
    Bon dimanche,

  3. I have just realised that if you click on the pictures you can see closer at the windows and you will see the folks inside looking back at me!!!

  4. I do hope someone is restoring it, but I suspect they'd need to be rich. I feel sad for all the sleeping houses where no one lives.

  5. I am sure that if they do not treat her kindly you will be there to ensure that all the house lovelies do not end up in a skip.