dimanche 23 mai 2010

Shabby chic..........................passe?........................NEVER!!!!!!

Very recently I received an email via Ebay from a complete stranger - neither a customer or a personal  friend. Her message to me was simply to complain about my using the phrase 'shabby chic' in my auctions, which seemed to irritate her. She seemed to imply that I should stop describing my treasures  as "shabby chic", adding, in French,  "c'est tellement passe, mon cher".  [ 'so outdated, my dear'].

A day or so later I travelled over to the UK and bought myself the latest (May) edition of 'Country Living' magazine.And what did I read on page 43? A special feature entitled  " The return of shabby chic"!
All I can say to that person ( whoever she might be) is "Ma cherie  [at least I can get my grammar correct!] - shabby chic passe?   Hardly.  I don't think it ever went away!!"

2 commentaires:

  1. Bravo my dear! long live Shabby!

    Love kristina-Shabbilyeverafter! xxx

  2. That's it! Shabby chic forever and always!
    It can't stop, it is a life style, a way of beeing and seeing life, not only a way of furnishing...and lifestyles never go out of style.
    Plus: I really do not understand people who base their interiors on a particular trend in a particular moment...don't they have a personal style???!!Fra