vendredi 21 mai 2010

Chez nous..............

I have been in London for a few days and now I know why I live in France the middle of a field! Who are all those people, where are they going, how can you travel the tube everyday with someones face stuffed in your armpit.............why do people run up and down the escalator when it is already moving?!!!!!
I am such a country bumpkin and I was delighted to get on the ferry back to Cherbourg. Just got home, the cuckoo is in the high tree in the garden, the storks are on the marsh, the sun is blazing, Diggers is ecstatic to see me, The Baron sunning himself and I can hear a woodpecker in the field. No street lamps, no cars...............
Chez nous..............................divine!
Normal service will be resumed tomorrow!!!

4 commentaires:

  1. I agree! The city can be fun to visit, but back on my little acre of quiet bliss with the Doves, the the chickens, the Rooster and the dog is where it's at!!

  2. Know how you feel, just spent 3 weeks in the UK sorting mum out - Felt like heaven when when I got back! xx

  3. Totally right!City is good to go shopping and visiting museums but then, back home in the country!! Much more better!

  4. glad you're back s&s.

    The worst bustle we get here in the countryside is rabbit rush-hour; it takes us ages to exit the drive early in the morning because they won't get out of the way!