vendredi 28 mai 2010

Passionately Paris.....a tassel off the old portiere !

Having been an antique French textile dealer (addict!) for over 25 years now ( ouch!!), my daughter, Kate, grew up amongst heaps of old textiles and trims and hoards of wonderful old shabby treasures sourced from my trips to French brocantes and vide greniers. 
As a teenager I remember her saying that when I eventually moved on to that big brocante in the sky she would immediately throw it all out and buy brand new and shiny!

How times have changed!!!! Kate launches her own, new brocante business next week, appropriately called I think:

                            "PASSIONATELY PARIS"

To help her get started I have been rummaging through boxes and bags in our barns  looking for old stock and a multitude of finds which I have hoarded over  years. Heavens!!! There are things I had forgotten I even had!!!
So............. "Passionately Paris" will begin trading with some delicious shabby chic finds and Kate's first venue is at the antiques market in the Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset on Tuesday 7th June. 
As you will see from the photograph she has quite a wide mix of delights - and this is just a tiny batch of what I have truffled out!!!
So, finally. It's not so much a 'chip off the old block';    more a 'tassel off the old portiere' !!

4 commentaires:

  1. Great story, love the name. Bonne chance to your daughter and her new adventure.

  2. Good luck to your daughter what an exciting new adventure she is lucky you had so many treasures to truffle out.
    Lynette :)

  3. I am loving the trawl through your blog and your lovely life, following receipt of a gorgeous roll of vintage black and white gingham cotton via e-bay (destined to become kitchen curtains and cushions!) - Many thanks, for the sweet postcard too, and very best wishes to your darling daughter in her brocante adventures! I too am passionate about Paris!

  4. Good luck to Kate. If at all possible I'll pop in to see her on 7th and say hello.

    Did you get my email?

    Sue x