mercredi 8 décembre 2010

La poste and a little fleece...

The snow has now finally melted but, in doing so, has made the water level on the already flooded marsh rise even higher. But still remains icy cold here!!!
The snow-cleared roads now enable us to drive out to our local 'La Poste'  with our Ebay and Etsy parcels . I have always described the building as Spring blue, but today it could easily be Ice blue!!

I love the latest set of stamps which I saw for the first time today.....a little Parisian 'frou frou' you could say. It does mean that I will now have to write some 'real' letters and cards instead of just sending emails!

We had intended to stop off for coffee at a friends house today  but, as you can see, the road up to their maison in Capponet was underwater and, with no flippers or snorkels in the car, we had to abandon our plans.

So, instead, we nipped into the local cafe - and enjoyed a divine cappucino - so full of cream that the spoon literally stood up in it. And to accompany the coffee, a little chocolat morceau......purely to keep out the cold of course!!!
And yes.....I am NOT sorry!!! I have given in and bought myself one of those large fleecy blankets with sleeves which I shall wear when I slump on the sofa at night. It`s rich chocolat brown and soooooooooooooo soft! I don`t care; no one will see me wearing it except Mark, Diggers and Charles - and they will all be sworn to secrecy!!!
I have just been told that the weather forecast for the next 24 hours is snow again! I now wish I had brought home a supply of those chocolat treats!

Add.....excuse me but how rude? I have just been told I look like Friar Tuck in my fleecy I bothered?....fleece?..blanket?...monk?....I aint bothered!!!!

6 commentaires:

  1. I can see you in the fleecy habit, but I can't see you as a monk! hehe!
    T X
    Do you take in paying guests? When it's dry of course!

  2. Hi Tracy
    No need to pay ( you wally) arrive anytime.... the attic is now finished!!! You are always welcome.
    Honestly on the lap top here flumped in my monk`s just fab. You`ll all want one will....go on...go will!!

  3. Well I had to have a little chuckle at your last sentence - but it is much more important to be warm then fashionable especially in this weather so who cares what it looks like. You are making me miss my house in Normandy!!!

  4. I lay on the sofa covered in Witney blankets wearing 3 pairs of socks and my Maderian goat herders hat, same outfit I wear to go to bed!
    We would love to visit, I have only done France once in my old Transit (when Tom was little), I know that Michael would love it!
    My Francais is tres mal de mer, so to have friends to visit would be tres bon!
    T X
    T X

  5. Tracey...............I have this mental picture of Mrs Overall on a sofa!!!!
    Come over when you are ready, spring and summer are best for the street flea markets

  6. Shirley can you send me your address xxLinda