mardi 21 décembre 2010

A pair of madames!

Our two mares, Madame Edith and the "Dowager Lady" Docile, are having a wonderful retirement in total luxury on a friends' farm. They are both Cob Normands, the French equivalant of the English shire. They are gentle giants and quite a pair of "madames"!

Edith is Mark`s "grand amour"  - and I know I come a sad second to her! Huge, gentle and absolutely adorable, she has the most beautiful big brown eyes with long sweeping lashes and she gets quite girly when Mark is around! She is a rich, bright bay with a light muzzle that almost glows in the dark.

Doci is my girl and is such a grand old dame. 21 this year, she is haughty and  aloof and obviously thinks she is better than any of us! She was born in Paris and is quite a diva probably due to the fact that, when much younger, she was the lead in a team of four for carriage driving. She is a rich, very dark bay with gorgeous dapples. She hates the camera, however, and pulls a face everytime I try to get a shot of her.

The girls are absolutely inseparable which is wonderful - but it sometimes can also be a pain. If they are separated for even a moment  all hell breaks loose - and two 600+ kilo girls become very 'un-necessary'!!
Today we travelled down to the farm to give them their Christmas treats ( Vichy mints and carrots!). They currently have their huge furry winter coats on and look like enormous teddy bears! Both had been rolling in the mud and looked as happy as can be!
When they come up to the farm yard each day to be groomed and fed they have the two sister lurchers for company together with the friendly goat who likes to  mingle with them. It doesn't seem to bother them at all.

That`s one half of our animals sorted for Christmas.........just Diggers and the Baron to sort out now!

5 commentaires:

  1. Such beautiful creatures Shirley. And such exquisite lineage. Oo-la-la - just like you!Cx

  2. Same build too................flumptious!!!!

  3. I had a little moment of goodness when I was reading your blog:) Your "madames" are adorable. I also love black and white friends.

  4. Ahhh glad to see the old girls looking so good
    Great picture of the dogs!!
    thanks for sending the message to Sam she was thrilled xxxxxxHappy Noel
    Linda and David xx

  5. Hi there, thanks for the message about Florence, your menagerie brush up well as well, love the pic of the two woofers!
    T X