jeudi 2 décembre 2010

A total triumph for Miss Bunny..............

Well of course  she did it - and we always knew she would!!! The gorgeous Miss Bunny of tedandbunny fame [ ] was the organiser of the wonderful vintage fair that we attended last  Monday. [ ]   I hadn`t stood a fair for over 15 years - so it took a very special person to drag me back over the Channel with my treasures!
 Firstly, for those of you who have not met her,let me tell you about Miss Bunny. She is a very modest person - but I think  you should know a few things about her. 
She is one of the most hardworking, inspirational and stylish people I have ever met! One of the very few people I can rely on to tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - however good ( or bad!) it is When other people are pandering to me with "Oh yes, that`s wonderful" she is the only one who will say "Take it off, you look ridiculous!" !!!!  If ever I need an impartial, realistic view I simply ring her because I know she will always tell it as it is. She will listen to me babble on for ages then give me her answer, straight, but in a nice way if you know what I mean!
She carries off vintage clothing with such panache that she makes me want to throw myself under the next patisserie van in dismay! We once attended a "ladies who lunch" vintage fair where she wore skinny jeans, a vintage sailors jacket with a matching sailors hat and she looked absolutely divine.
With her tumbling 1920s curls, she has a zest for life that makes you flop in a chair with exhaustion. Living in a deliciously stylish house in the grounds of a stately home with the gorgeous Mr Ted, she is also one hell of a horsewoman. She also happened to be my wedding organiser. She was determined not  to allow us to simply sneek over to the UK to marry and then return as quietly as we had arrived. Instead she organised the most memorable day for us - even down to baking us a fabulous lavender wedding cake. Honestly, if I didn`t love her so much I would hate her for being so capable! She is also the strongest person I have ever met , not physically (in the manner of someone running around in a striped leotard with a French moustache lifting dumbells - well she might in the privacy of her own bedroom,who knows? ) - but strong in standing up to and facing what life has thrown at her; and I can tell you that it has been thrown to her in huge dollops. Her resilience is truly remarkable.

So, enough of that (or she may not be able to get her head with its perfectly formed curls through the door)  - and back to the fair. Miss Bunny  had rung me in the Summer to say she was thinking of organising a vintage fair with very carefully selected dealers whose wares would all compliment each other - and would I be interested? Without a second thought I told her to count me in!
We arrived at the village hall last Sunday afternoon direct from the ferry where it was obvious that she was fully  prepared and had thought of absolutely everything;  and I mean EVERYTHING!!! We soon had the hall decked with beautiful homemade, brightly-coloured bunting,  the tables for the exhibitors placed out and the kitchen prepared for the home-baked delights. She had even thought of putting out lavender and soft hand towels and even a large mirror for the ladies facilities which doubled as a ladies changing room for those customers wanting to try on  their vintage clothing. And to cap it off, putting out wonderful vintage tea cups and saucers so that even the teas were befitting of the day!
I spent the whole afternoon ribbing her saying : "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what have you done?.......oooooooooohhhhh what have you done"!!!! But I knew it was all going to be fine as she had worked SO hard in the weeks beforehand promoting the event,  distributing leaflets when and whereever she could. Even road signs were made and painted (but I will just say  one word to Mr Bunny regarding the shape of one of his arrows painted on a sign ....PHALLIC! ].
I was sure Miss Bunny wouldn`t sleep that night worrying whether  anyone would turn up. I, too, found it difficult to sleep - and I almost sent her in text in the middle of the night saying "oooooooooooh what have you done?!!!!". When we arrived at the hall early the next morning she confirmed that she hadn't slept at all the previous night and, like me, had almost sent me a text at 4.30 am! Great minds and all that.

Miss tumbly curls Bunny in the background as we prepared the night before...............

Although it was a cold and frosty morning the sun was bright - and the hall looked divine with all the other dealers in place. Everything was set for the 10am opening and Miss Bunny, I might add, was looking as chic as usual wearing grey tailored wool shorts, woollen tights, a gorgeous knitted sweater, boots and with her trademark 20`s curls perfectly coiffed!

Her efforts at publicising the event had clearly paid off. People  began arriving early and by 9.45 a large queue had already formed. Miss Bunny gave us all a 5 minute 'warning' and then, at 10am, the doors were opened and, within seconds, the hall crammed full of eager visitors. I had had no idea what to take with me to sell but, ooooooooh la la, I really wish I had packed more!

It was fabulous to see some of the other stand holders who I haven`t seen for many years - and a particularly nice suprise to meet Tracey again who I hadn`t seen for well over 15 years!!
It was such a pleasure to meet other bloggers too especially Denise and her husband  of
Overall, a fabulous day.  Many, many congratulations to Miss Bunny; and I am so much looking forward to the next fair you are already planning in the Summer.
A la prochaine mes belles from a snowed-in petit chateau in Normandie!

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  1. I never told you before...its a wig!

  2. Wow, just look at your snow!
    Oh what a lovely post you've written about dear Miss Bunny and the fair - what a great accomplishment, wasn't it? I'm excited that there will be a summer fair too -oooooohhh la la !! - and it means we can catch up again and have a chat and hear of your French escapdes ! I hope all is cosy in the petit chateau - no doubt it is so - and I also hope that there are chairs to sit on, hoping that you've not sold them already !!
    Happy days to you dear Mrs Chateau :-)
    Thank you for the link :-) and kind words.
    Back soon!
    D x

  3. Bonsoir Madame S-C! Modesty, such modesty because you were also a star that day. With Monsieur S-C you helped Miss Bunny set up the evening before and with the 'get out' at the end. And your stand was such an altar to beauty a la Francaise, that we were all mesmerised. Particularly me, as I had to lurk opposite with my rather dowdier (though quite nice really) vintage treasures. I did manage to purchase a couple of your pretty choses. And now wish I had bought more. Especially those adorable chocolate-filled 18th century style shoes. I shall add a pic to my blog later. All hail Miss Bunny though, and I can't wait until her next event.

  4. Thank you for posting. Congratulations on very successful event.

  5. Hi there
    I haven't known Miss Bunny for very long, and I do agree with you about how she is always so stylish, I always look a shambles when I am next to her - how does she do it??
    Her organisation was perfection, I loved the fair and the comments that were made to me should make Miss Bunny very proud - credit where credits due!
    Miss Bunny you are an inspiration!!
    T X

  6. Lovely write-up, in fact brilliant (as was the day). Good to see you again after all those years and watch -out - we will call in when we are over in France next year!!! Liz & Jack (aka Mr and Mrs Washerwoman)

  7. It was indeed a fabulous day and Miss Bunny had to be congratulated for a perfect Fair. Lovely to see you both again and hope to see you next year in France.xx

  8. You are so right! it was a brilliant fair - sorry that I didn't meeet you, so crowded it was so successful and in such a lovely place.

  9. Could you let us have as much notice as possible of the summer fayre, pretty please, I may then have the chance to plan a little sejour! Glad it went wonderfully and thanks for the lovely pics of la neige normande! x