mardi 22 février 2011

The chateau tunnel...............

Monsieur le builder, "Floran", is making great progress in joining the old workers cottages through to the 'chateau'. It feels a little like the Channel Tunnel operation; Mark has been working from one side and Floran from the other. Perhaps as an exercise in Anglo- French relations they will shake hands when they finally meet?!!
This is Floran`s side of the operation making his way through to the chateau cuisine...............
......and this is our side of the operation, being hindered as usual by The Baron du Breuil who likes rolling in sand and rubble!

I should also tell you that I now have a huge metal acro prop pole in the centre of my cuisine supporting a beam - which I have decided I shall be using for lap dancing practise in my spare time! Apparently lap dancers have 50 and 100  euro notes tucked in their knickers by admirers while they perform. I had better find some pretty strong knickers as they are going to have to hold hordes of 50 centime coins!

As soon as Floran leaves  for his traditional French two hour lunch break at midday we dive into our wellies and nip next door to see what he has been doing. (We don`t want him to think we are watching over him when he is working!!). Can you believe that this wall, below, is going be our huge fireplace?

I have also figured out why my Royal wedding invitation has not arrived as yet. Quite obviously it`s all too painful for William to be close to me again after I turned down his marraige proposal last year. Honestly! You`d have thought he would be adult enough to move on and get over the disappointment! I know that his new wife to be is his second choice but "second time lucky" I say.

At the time it was quite a hard decision for me as being carried brocanting in a sedan chair at 4am wearing a crown and having footmen to carry my finds was quite tempting. But I do feel that William wouldn`t have possessed the packaging skills that Mark has - and I couldn`t risk any treasures being damaged in the post. off to grease the pole with French beurre and to seek out my sequin-bedecked pants and tassels!!

A la prochaine mes belles!!!

5 commentaires:

  1. Was there a loose brick that happened to fall on your head whilst you were practising shakin your booty round the pole?, as I think you have completely lost it!
    I must say I have gaffawed at this post, tears are rolling, I am just going to read it to M....
    Make sure you use unsalted buerre.......
    T x

  2. M wants to know if you have been necking the local vino, or is it cidre??

  3. I think it`s E smarties and all that!

  4. I stopped lap dancing as I had to keep giving change......stick to thinking about it, it's far cheaper in the long run. bon courage, the building looks scary xxxx